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Invention for sale or license - "Next Gen" Reusable Zip Tie
The "side open" concept also permits design features that are not possible in a conventional zip tie design.

For instance, because, in use, the strap may be "snapped into" the head anywhere along the strap's length, a loop or other feature may be molded into the strap end. Such design options are not possible with a traditional zip tie, as the strap end must fit through a tiny window in the tie's head.

To the left is a "side open" zip tie design featuring a loop at the strap end. This zip tie is for use in the orchard and vineyard industry, to secure grape vines and apple branches to a wire support structure. The loop in this tie serves as a grip to make tightening easier. The loop also allows many ties to be hung on the worker's belt on a special harness, for ready access throughout the day...

"Side Open" concept introduces some interesting options...
There are dozens of ways "side open" may be implemented. See next page for a few head design ideas. Compound tooling for production isn't necessary. Specific "side open" zip tie designs will be matched with polymers / elastomers that meet the required hardness/flexibility and other requirements for that design.

In summary, the "side open" design permits faster attachment /detachment and added design flexibility, without added cost - a truly functional, reusable zip tie.

This invention is available for sale or license. Patent pending. Call or email if you are interested in learning more.