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How I make my own PTFE (Teflon) motor oil additive, continued...
There are a few tricks to making and using this formulation:

First trick is mixing the powder with the motor oil. If a couple grams of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder is simply dumped into a quart of oil, the powder will clump.

Instead, I put a few drops of motor oil into a clean container, dump in the powder, and thoroughly mash and mix the powder into that tiny bit of oil. Then I gradually add more oil.

Second trick - I use the motor oil/PTFE mixture RIGHT AWAY, as this 1-9 micron powder mix (if it really is that) will begin to settle out after a few hours.

Third trick - I use the mixture in my lawnmowers and other small, 4-stroke engines only. I do NOT use it with my 2-stroke engines like chainsaws or blowers. Not sure what it will do, but I suspect it will do no good!
Mix powder with a tiny bit of motor first...
...then gradually add more oil.
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