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GreenJeans Testimonials
"I don't know if I'll ever find a new gardening product I love more than GreenJeans™.

"The best Christmas present I received … was waiting for me when I arrived home from being out of town for the holidays. Thankfully, Dan Vorhis (The GreenJeans inventor) found me and sent a pair to my house. He must have known if he could just get them in my hands (or on my legs), I'd love them. Little did he know I'd become his and GreenJeans biggest fan!

"The joe gardener Company is all about quality and GreenJeans delivers in spades…
Water and wind resistant, easy on and off, non-binding straps, padding where you need it and washability keeps GreenJeans working well and looking great season after season. Even my cameraman found GreenJeans indispensable. There are many more applications than just gardening for this hall of fame product but there is no question GreenJeans is hands down a joe gardener Certified BEST OF THE MUST- HAVES™ product." - Joe Lamp'l, Executive Producer and Host of the award-winning PBS series, "Growing a Greener World®"