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GreenJeans sizing and ordering
There are 4 sizes of GreenJeans, based primarily upon distance (inches) from waist (belt level) to the top of the patella or knee cap. This measurement should be taken while the wearer is standing upright. It's tough to measure yourself, because the dimension changes when you bend at the waist.
The "waist to knee" measurement places the knee pads in the correct position so that, when the wearer kneels, the pads fall easily and comfortably into place under the knee.
A second measurement - waist size - helps insure that the knee pads don't wrap too far around the body so that the wearer's knees slip out to the center.
See the picture to the left, showing
proper location of the knee pads.
See the picture on the right, showing improper wrapping caused by GreenJeans that are too large at the waist.
With the chart above as a guide, find your size. When you first try on your GreenJeans, adjust the leg straps loosely - your hand should slip easily between the straps and your leg. If the chaps seem to pull at your back when you kneel, try the next longer size. Once adjusted, wear your GreenJeans for an hour or two - the fabric will stretch to fit you. Then readjust the straps. After making the final adjustment, trim off any excess length of leg straps, and melt the strap ends so they don't unravel. If you have a question, call (tel: 360-331-5242). We fit most folks!
$69.95 each
includes shipping within
continental United States
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