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Boot Patch, continued...
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3. Open your Sikalfex 1A. A side cutter and a sharp wire are helpful.
4. Spread the Sikaflex over the patch area. Sikaflex 1A is very sticky material, but you can smooth it out with a wet finger. Have some clean rags around. I've heard people say they have used ice cubes to smooth the adhesive without sticking, but the Sikaflex stuck to my ice cube!

 You will want to "feather out" (make thinner) the Sikaflex around the edges of your patch. If you've done your surface prep properly, the material will adhere right up to the edge. Let the Sikaflex cure for 48 hours before wearing.
I've patched two pairs of rubber boots so far. On both, patches are holding up well.
New life for old boots!