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WindowSill Garden Containers 3-Pak
Know what goes into your food.
Great project for kids and schools
Takes about 8-10 weeks from seed to salad. Plenty (8 hours/day) of bright light is key. Get 3 going on a rotating schedule.
Molded polypropylene container is large enough for good root development. Built-in drain tray.
Container size: 9.5 long, 7 wide at top (less than 5" wide at bottom), 6.5 high. Volume is about 10 Liters.
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Muscle and Arm Farm
(800) 443-2607
Grow salad on your windowsill!
Have a window with plenty of light? Above is a spicy salad mix with a week or two yet to first cutting. It's easy to grow your own greens! Click here for instructions...
Sold as a 3-pak