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vertical garden
GrowScape(tm) vertical garden
is a low cost, attractive way to add
growing space to your yard. Designed and made by Muscle and Arm Farm.
Many important advantages for the home grower:
• Easy weed control: With an initial sod barrier (corrugated cardboard is fine) and a clean soil mix, weed control is a breeze. This is a big plus with low growing perennial crops like strawberries.
• Low cost: Efficient, self-supporting design keeps material costs down.
• Sturdy, rot-proof: Heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is 0.060” thick (about the thickness of a quarter). UV-resistant. Won’t rot like wood or sawdust-filled decking material. Stainless connecting hardware.
• Deep roots: Unlike a stack of individual containers or shallow raised beds, the assembled GrowScape bed is a monolithic pile of soil, allowing plants to root deeply for water and nutrients.
• No Fungus: Keeps strawberries and other fruit and veggies off the ground and away from pets and pests.
• Drainage: Increase growing space in a yard with poor drainage.
• Density: This 54 inch high, 9 tier GrowScape has the lineal planting equivalent to over 70 feet of row!
• Go as high as you like. Standard sizes from 2 to 6 feet in height, 3 to 11 tiers. We also offer custom sizes to fit your requirements (small shrub and tree sizes).
• Food crop safe: HDPE (cutting board plastic) is inert, won’t leach into soil like vinyl or treated lumber.
• Easy set-up and take down: The various tiers coil into each other, store in a small box.
4 tier = 24 inches tall,
30 inch diameter base
5 tier = 30 inches tall,
36 inch diameter base, etc.
 3 tier: $58.00
 5 tier: $88.00
 6 tier: $116.00
 8 tier: $188.00
 9 tier: $210.00
 11 tier: $264.00
All prices include shipping (continental U.S.). If you need it shipped outside the continental U.S., or if you want a size not listed, give us a call: tel: 360-331-5242
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