To the right, our immediate family - Bernie, Levi, and Dan. 
Bernie Mahar, Ed.D. is a teacher and school administrator.
Levi MaVorhis graduated Kansas State University with a degree in secondary education and plays professional baseball. He and Dani (bottom right) are married and now live in the Phoenix, AZ area. Levi is a professional baseball player (RH Pitcher). Dan Vorhis is a product designer and fruit horticulturist.
Simple little house on about 20 acres on Whidbey Island, located about 2 hours (including a ferry ride) NW of downtown Seattle. 
Whidbey Island is a wonderful place to live if you like the outdoors, mountains, ocean. The Olympic Mountains to the west, the San Juan Islands and Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) to the north, the Cascade Mountains to the east are all an easy drive - and perhaps a ferry ride - away.
I am Dottie. I run the joint.
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