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GreenJeans Testimonials
"I want to thank you for creating one of the greatest products I have ever owned! Before starting my own gardening business, I was a tile setter. Kneeling on hard floors all day was very painful for my knees and back. I purchased and tried several styles of kneepads only to find them very uncomfortable. You have to strap them around your knee and the straps would bind and pinch in back. I could not wear them all day long like I needed.
Then I found your chaps at the garden show two years ago. They have been a lifesaver, or should I say a knee and back saver for me! They are so comfortable and provide great protection not only for my knees but for my clothing, too. I can wear the chaps all day long and never feel like I have something strapped to my body. At the end of the day, I can go to the store and not be embarrassed by how dirty or wet my jeans were. I love how they wash every week and still, after two years, look as good as new! I tell all my friends and clients about them, and they tease me about being Ms. GreenJeans!
Again, thank you for a great product and the great customer service." - E.C.
"GreenJeans chaps is one of those few products that really works, really holds up, and really makes me wish I'd thought of it first!! I have had my pair for a LONG time now and I use them mostly for when I do flagstone work.....they have been saving my pants, knees and patience for years now (the big pockets are a total bonus). Thanks and great job!!!!!" - M.K.S.
"Just what I've needed for years. No more irritation behind the legs. Pads are always in the right spot when you kneel down. Great product. - J.H., Durham, NC
"I work for Vision Lawn Care. You set me up with a pair of your GreenJeans chaps. I have to tell
you, it makes working a joy again! I can't thank you enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- M. Langley, WA