Muscle and Arm Farm
innovative products for farmers and gardeners
21910 State Route 525
Freeland, WA 98249 USA
tel: (800) 443-2607
Our farm...
Take a virtual walk around the place, meet our family.
Home of GreenJeans farm and garden chaps
GreenJeans(tm) chaps are quality-built chaps with built-in knee pads. Chaps hang from the waist - they aren't cinched to the knee. So no more cut-off circulation behind the knee. Used and loved for 10 years by farmers, gardeners, landscape crews, builders, and many others who work on their knees. Click here for more info.
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We make original products for living independently
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Apple Trees...
Buy scion wood, apple trees, grafting supplies here.
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Farm Ideas...
Money-saving DIY ideas, chicken coop plans, etc..
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Welcome to Muscle and Arm Farm's website! Our farm is located on Whidbey Island in Washington State, USA. We grow heritage apples and other fruits, keep a few chickens. And we design and make products for farmers, gardeners, and others who like to live independently. Click on the "products" panel, above, to see some of what we offer.